My faves

I spend a lot of time on the internet in between feedings, folding clothes, slingin’ poop, bathing the babe, and hangin with my husband. This is the shizz I like to go to for some fine time internet surfing.  <– I’m a singer and am working on my first ever solo album.  Keep up with all things Allye here!  <— this is my BFF’s blog.  She’s fab, just had the most beautiful baby and is the best writer everrrrrrr!  <– One of my most favorite people EVER has FINALLY started her blog!  Check out Mrs. Horner’s Kitchen Corner!   <– This is my pal Justin.  He travels everywhere and knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things.  I ❤ him.  <– This is my pal who is extremely awesome.  Check out her blog.  She’s super smart and super funny.   <— this is my most FAVORITE radio show ever in existence! It was based out of Austin, Texas (the greatest city in the world) and now housed in NASHVILLE— HOLLLLAAA!! — but is being syndicated in several different cities and the list is growing! You can listen to the Bobby Bones Show on I<3 Radio or on the podcasts in ITunes.<– self explanatory  <– why have I just NOW realized the greatness that IS I need an intervention.  — Keep calm and chive on.  — You may take their swaddle, but you’ll never take away… their freedom!—  If you want to start playing, do the recruit a friend through me so we can get fun bonuses!   — Hallelujah, Amen!  <– a comfy place to discuss your paranormal activities in a world full of non-believers and haters! – the best band in the Pacific Northwest! — the absolute – most amazing photographer in the Pacific Northwest! — A great website for keeping up with all the wackos from the FLDS.  Hopefully all of the crazy cult leaders and manipulators will be behind bars soon.

More to come…

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