The Woman in Black

Star Rating:  3 stars

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Hooray!  Nothing made me more happy than to know that The Woman in Black had come out on On Demand!  My husband and I are HUGE Daniel Radcliffe fans and we were just WAITING to see how he would do with his first movie since the Harry Potter franchise.  Danny does not disappoint but he doesn’t talk a whole lot.  A lot of the story the acting is relied upon is his reactions rather than discussions.   The pace of the movie and story could’ve had a little more shaping up but over all it was a good movie.

The movie revolves around a lawyer fella whose wife died during childbirth.  He misses her deeply and is left raising his four year-old son alone.  With the help of a nanny, he leaves his home to tend to some old lady’s estate who recently died.  It’s a house just past a spooky marsh and basically on an island after the tide comes in.  There are strange disturbances in this house and it is well known around the community as being haunted.  Children in this community had been dying mysteriously for years.  The community blames the Woman in Black.

This movie has all the classic horror/thriller antics.  Mysterious happenings are all over the place. Shadowy figures show up in small corners of the screen. Faces pop up behind different pieces of furniture.  There is a A LOT of the mystery of “what’s not there.. but it’s there” concept.   I dig movies like that.

Now, the ending is a bit predictable but in some ways it’s not.  I was satisfied with it, but I almost wanted something more.   Again, if you are into thrillers, I think you’ll be safe with this one.  It’s not the best, but it certainly holds its own.

Danny, good job!

Quote from me: “Shhh! I kind of kept waiting for Danny to pull out his wand!”

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