Snow White and the Huntsman

Star Rating:  3 stars
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So, I have sat and thought about this movie some before writing this review.  I have to say, I REALLY liked it.  I’m a big pushover for any kind of “period” piece even if it is in a fairytale world.  This satisfied my craving for a period piece AND fairytale in one full swoop.

If you read our Prometheus review, you will notice that we were supremely disappointed in Charlize Theron’s performance in that movie.  THIS movie COMPLETELY makes up for her shoddy and worthless performance in one of our favorite collection of sci-fi stories.   She really is a great actress.  Not because she has an Oscar on her mantle (that really means jack-crap), but because she can actually put herself in a situation and can be that character and make it believable.

Ms. Theron was evil.  Pure and raw EVIL.  Like the de-VIL.  Her version of the evil queen was perfectly poised with beauty, and oddly enough, grace.  Every action was deliberate, every word was meaningful and the tone of her voice saturated the screen as if she was one of the “mean girls” from my high school days.  Seriously, and I have to admit this.  Her character reminds me in particular of one gal who was one of the prettiest girls in my class, but yet she was one of the most evil people I had ever come in contact with.  It’s like Charlize shadowed my classmate’s 17 year old self and created the evil queen solely based on **her.

(**disclaimer*  I have no idea if this gal is still as evil and ugly on the inside as she was in high school. I’m certainly not the same person I was 15 years ago, and I would expect after having kids and realizing there is more to life than just popularity she would be a different person.  I hope she is.  It would be a shame to waste such a pretty face with an ugly demeanor. I hear she is different now. It seems that she is.  Hooray!  Cuz, she was one of the worst bullies EVER. Ever. Ever.)

Chris Hemsworth …. SUPER yummy.  He really didn’t have to do anything except be on the screen and say “if I refuse” in his sexy Australian accent.  Seriously, such a delicious specimen. My husband says, “he’s tough.”  I agree.  He was also not perfect.  He was human and had problems. He wasn’t the “Prince Charming” like they would typically display in these types of movies.

We liked the dwarves. ESPECIALLY Ian McShane.  HE IS awesome. If you have ever seen the series Deadwood, then you KNOW his brilliance in the acting medium. He’s so awesome.  I could watch him any day of the week.

The one HUGE flaw in this movie was Kristen Stewart. I think anyone who knows who she is would agree.  Now, I don’t think she RUINED the movie.  I just think she doesn’t have the depth or range to play alongside Charlize and Chris.  It was like putting a 1st grader in Metropolitan Opera performance to sing alongside Kathleen Battle. Although, I’m pretty convinced a 1st grader would do a better job than K-Stew in this movie.

Quote from my husband:  “This movie puts regular dwarves out of business.”

Quote from me:  “You know, the director of this film is the one that K-Stew had an affair with.  I heard a rumor that his wife told the director he is NOT allowed to have K-Stew back as Snow White in the upcoming sequel.  HALLELUJAH.  Lets hope that’s true!”

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