2013 Emmy’s Fashion Review

Hooray!  Award season is back and in full swing! I ❤ award shows and the evening gowns that come out of hiding.  I was hoping to get this posted a lot sooner than I have.. but I’ve had two croupy kids over the weekend plus a new music project that is getting off the ground so life has been busy.  BUT that doesn’t stop fashion from moving forward. So lets get to it.

What are some of my general opinions? I was impressed from some unlikely characters and overall impressed with a lot of peeps.  Some I was annoyed with, some looked like they were ready to be a part of a bridal party and I STILL don’t understand WHAT is going on with the trend of see through fabric and strategic and not so strategic cut outs on perfectly beautiful dresses. Oy.

**copyright claim** all photos are courtesy of just about every single entertainment website on the internet.

Here we go…

We’ll start with those who thought they were going to prom.


Carrie Underwood

You are a beautiful gal who is stuck in a rut.  Lets change it up a bit, shall we? Would be great to see you in something other than a strapless prom gown with side swept hair. You still looked pretty tho and you are still one of my faves in the vocalist world, though I didn’t dig your version of “Yesterday.”


Melissa Rauch

I don’t know much about you other than you were on True Blood, but you would fit perfectly in a flashback in one of Molly Ringwald’s brat pack movies.  Maybe this was the look you were trying to go for?


Alyson Hannigan

Seriously.  What is up with the prom theme.  Am I missing something?  And why are they all purple?  I like purple just as much as the next person but all strapless, promlike fabrics and styles?  Hm.


Whoa now… New fashion for bridesmaids straight from the red carpet


Allison Williams


Blah.  Boring. Do you agree?  You’re a pretty girl Alli. Buck up or go home!


Elizabeth Moss


This chick fascinates me.  Kind of like but not as extreme as Chloe Sveigny. She’s a tad bit on the weird side.  I don’t like this dress though.  I don’t like the wrinkly textured skirt or the strapless look for her. And why does she always smile as if she has a secret?


Merritt Wever

Despite the fact that this is a a bit of a bridesmaid dress, I think this was a lovely choice for this lady. It compliments her and her personality I think . BTW, her acceptance speech was adorable.  You’ve come a long way since being a homicidal wife on NCIS.  Very proud of you.




Cat Deely


#SoYouThinkYouCanDressYourSelf  #You’reWrong


Padma Lakshima


You went from best dressed last year to wonky dressed this year.  What’s the point of the ill-fitting side slit and the smirk?


Rose Byrne



Mindy Kaling

While I still hate cut outs on dresses, this might be the exception.




Julianne Hough

If this dress was only shorter, she would look like she was doing a freestyle skate at an ice skating exhibition. I love the fall off the shoulders caps and the material.. but I absolutely HATE the see through. I don’t want to see through ANYTHING.



Leslie Mann


This would be a COOOOOOOOL gown if it didn’t have… yep, you guessed it.



Lena Headey


Love. This. Actress.  She’s awesome in pretty much everything she is in.  300, Game of Thrones, Dredd (OMG. She was AWESOME in that). Why must she follow in trends? Blaze your own trail darling. You can do it.  I expect more. Just say no to your stylist… or yourself if that’s the case.




Heidi Klum

I can’t decide on this one.  Thoughts?

It’s certainly better than last year.. but I don’t know. I can’t put my figure on it.


Do you like Heidi’s dress?


Connie Britton

You are Rayna freakin’ Jaymes! You don’t need to be wearing someone’s living room drapes, honey!  However, I applaud you for going down your own path. And I applaud you for having a kick ass show. I ❤ Nashville!


Emilia Clarke

Eesh.  You are a dragon! You’re killing me here!  I still love you.  Act like the Khaleesi you are!!  This ain’t it.


Kate Mara



Kristen Connolly

Hate it.


Paula Abdul




Lena Dunham

I don’t like floral prints, so you are going to get a low grade just for that.  However, I don’t think it’s necessarily repulsive.  I don’t get it though and I don’t get the eye make up.  You are a pretty girl. C’mon… wow me.  Last year you were a sad pony in a navy blue doily and this year you are a deer in headlights wearing a kitchen curtain.  I’m still holding out hope for you this season but .. to be honest, I’m almost done with you. ( On a lighter note, I still haven’t seen Girls and I DESPERATELY want to.  CANNOT WAIT to start that show!)


Vera Famiga




Mayim Bialik

I’m now comfortable saying that we just will never agree (eesh.. last year?).  Not on colors, styles, material, details… it’s just he way it is… tho your hair looks lovely.


Kerry Washington

You are supposed to be the best dressed woman in the world.  Jeepers.  At least your hair is not what it was last year……. It takes effort m’ lady.  Lets see it.


Zosia Mamet

I need to talk to all the Girls cast apparently.  Call me.  #JustSayNoToFloralPrints


Here it is folks! If you have made it through the riff and the raff… here’s my top 10!!!!

10.   Julia Louis Dreyfus

Beautiful.  Perfect color with her skin and hair.  I love it.


9. Julie Bowen

YES!  This is Hollywood Glamour, folks.  All you wannabes, take note. Good color, details and classy.

However…. May I ask WTF is up with your hair Ms. Bowen?  Everytime you have a knock out dress, your hair looks like a hot mess.  It’s disappointing.


8. Danielle Brooks

I personally hate orangish/coral looking frocks.  HOWEVER, this is a gorgeous number on Ms. Brooks. Super sexy, super fitting and perfectly accented in all the right places.  ❤


7. Malin Akerman

This chick is so interesting to me. I really hope the best for her and look forward to seeing her in more movies. Love the hair, love the gown, LOVE LOVE LOVE.


6. Jessica Lange

Hollywood Royalty. Such a distinctive dress.  Gorgeous hair.. I CANNOT WAIT for the start of American Horror Story!


5. Margo Martindale

Such a lady.  A shining example of a class act.  Love the hair, love the color, love the whole package. Love Margo!


4. Maria Menounos

This gal is consistently on my list (here and here).  She just knows what looks good, how to style her hair and how to pose.  She’s a red carpet goddess. I love the choice of necklace too.


3. Cobie Smulders

One of my favorite Shield Agents! Such a fancy little number.  It’s simple, elegant and perfectly shaped to her body.  I wish it wasn’t wrinkled towards the bottom.. this being said from someone who doesn’t even own an iron (or maybe I don’t know where it is… or worse, maybe I just hid it and live in wrinkle denial.. in any case, I’m not in any position to judge… however, I’m human, so I do).


2. Anna Chlumsky

Such a lovely detailed gown. The color is perfect, and her hair is perfectly tousled.


Here it is…

#1 Linda Cardinelli

This is Hollywood Top Tier Fashion in my book.  Such a beautiful color with her hair and the … whatever you call it ruffles down her gown.  I love it.  So fun. And elegant.  And pretty.  And I love it. Super neat.


Yes.  Sofia Vergara was very pretty. But she and her boobies have really oversaturated the scene the last couple of years.  YES.  Christina Hendricks was … alright. But again, I’m annoyed by her boobs and how they are always a centerpiece (bah-dum-dum).  Switch it up a bit folks. That’s all I ask.

Who was your favorite?







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