Star Rating:  2 stars

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Amanda Seyfried.  I like her.  She has that “Like-ability” factor about her.  Kind of the same way I like Kristen Bell.  I think she and Kristen have the potential to do something great.

This movie ain’t it.  I’ll admit I was intrigued by the story preview.  A girl (Amanda Seyfried =Mandy) gets kidnapped.  She’s trapped in a hole dug deep into the ground.  She escapes but no one believes her that she was abducted.  So much so they admit her to a mental facility.  Well, skip forward to present day,  Mandy’s sister is all of a sudden gone when Mandy gets home from work.  She is SURE it’s the dude who kidnapped her. The whole movie is about fighting/running with/from the police regarding the truth of the matter—which no one believes her in the first place.

I think the movie could have been good.  But honestly, it was lacking in a lot of departments.  The mystery of the dude?  He’s just some random dude?  Really?  Not a lot into the back story which if had been told correctly could have been effective for the rest of the movie. The escape from the police scenes were sometimes too much and unbelievable.  Then the cop that actually “believes” her and helps a little bit just fades away.  I was kinda hoping he was involved in someway with her capture… but he was another side character that just faded away. Side characters are important movie makers!! They can make or break a movie!!!

Also, this is on a side note.  Have you ever seen this chick?  Here name is Katherine Moennig.

She’s in this flick and it annoys me to NO end.

1)   She has NO range.  She plays the SAME character in every movie (kinda like Angie Jolie—except for in the Changeling and A Mighty Heart, both of which I liked– although those two characters were similar..hmmmm)

2)   She likes to play androgynous characters.  Ok.  We get it. Woopty Doo.

3)   I keep waiting for this chick to actually do something good, but she disappoints me EVERY time. Sure, I see potential.  Do something with it!  Being Gwynnie’s cousin won’t automatically get you that Oscar!

4)   Please, please can we see a different haircut?  For once? I want to buy you a hairband.  (I say this with love because I, too, am in SERIOUS need of a haircut and a fresh look.  How about we go together?)

This movie is forgettable, thankfully.  Don’t watch it.

Quote from me:  “Which movie was this again?”

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