Mama and Papa Movie Reviews

We’re not professional writers.  But we are professional MOVIE WATCHERS! 🙂 We love movies.  Everything from popular to obscure, we have an appreciation for movies.  A pal said to me recently, “don’t trust her taste in movies, she likes Twilight.”  My response:  Really?  So what?  Honestly, to get an idea about what a good movie is you have watch A LOT of movies and a very broad spectrum of genres at that.   I don’t think it’s against the law to appreciate The Godfather and appreciate Twilight too.  Mama and Papa LOVE and APPRECIATE movies. PERIOD.   Old/New, Good/Bad we love ’em all and we’ll discuss them right here at after we watch ’em!

Star Rating Key:

5 Stars:   Must see.

4 Stars:  It’s good.  It’s really good.

3 Stars:  Good to pass the time, but not really worth the hype.

2 Stars:  It’s better than Bridge to Teribithia.

1 Stars:  In Biblical terms, it sucketh and bloweth.


….I do like the Twilight series.  Mostly, I love the books more!!!  hee hee

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