12 Hour Slow Crockpot Roast



Big ass roast

2 packets of brown gravy mix

2 packets of ranch dressing powder mix

2 packets of slow roast powder mix

package of baby carrots

several sticks of celery, chopped

8 red potatoes, quartered

**you can also add any other veggies you want to include.  I hate veggies so I don’t put that many.  I especially hate veggies that have their own flavor (like asparagus, sweet peas, green beans etc… VOMIT!)  Eh, it’s up to you.  I prefer veggies that soak up the flavor I put in there.

1.  Place the big ass roast in the crock pot.

2.  Throw in the veggies over the meat and any of the **other veggies.

3.  In a bowl put a bunch of lukewarm water and add all the powder mixes.  Mix well.

4.  Pour into crockpot and fill up completely over the meat.

5.  Cover and turn on high for 2 hours.

6.  At the two hour mark, put the temp on low and just keep it there for the next 10 hours.

7.  Occasionally stir and blend all the flavors.

8.   In all honesty, the roast could be done between 8 and 12 hours.  I say, the longer you roast, the better it is.  Plus it’s in the crockpot and keeps it warm.  Yum.   My husband says it’s the best roast he’s ever had.  I believe him because I’m a mean roaster with a crockpot (who isn’t?)

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