Jamie Lee Curtis + NCIS = ??????

10 Apr

The baby’s in bed and I got some chores done.  I need to fold laundry, but, I can’t bring myself to do it (I f’n HATE doing laundry).  I did clean the kitchen and finish washing all the clothes so my husband would have clean underwear tomorrow.  HEE HEE.  I cover all my bases.   I figured I’d fold everything and put it away tomorrow morning.

I’m watching tonight’s NCIS episode and so many things come to mind.  First off.  I ❤ ❤ ❤ NCIS. I even named my dogs after some of the characters– Gibbs and Ducky. THe creator, Donald Bellasario is a former Marine and knows the ins and outs really well.   This show is quite possibly my favorite show ever…. Up until this last season that is.  I have been emotionally invested in the characters of this show ever since the first season.

1)   The main character, Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon), plays a Grunt (Infantry Marine) and my husband was a Grunt.  We got through two tours to Iraq and one to Africa.  With the small knowledge of the Marine Corps that I have as well as my husband’s experiences, Mark Harmon does an EXCELLENT job portraying a former Infantry Marine.

2)   I love the other characters:  Abby, Ducky, DiZozzo, McGhee, Kate … I love them all. I cried when Kate got killed.

3)   I can relate to a lot of the moments they show between the Marine families.

Now, for all the love I have for this show and all the THANKS I have that it’s still on and has been renewed for yet ANOTHER season … I’m a little confused by Jamie Lee Curtis’ character as Gibbs’ love interest.  It doesn’t make sense and it even kind of wigs me out a bit.

I respect JLC.  I especially loved her in A Fish Called Wanda and of course she epitomizes terror in the original Halloween.  She has her place—I’m not saying she doesn’t.  HOWEVER, having her play Gibbs’ love interest is a stretch only because Gibbs’ is obsessed with RED HEADS… HELLO!! His first wife was a red head and she was the love of his life.

EWwww they just kissed.  It grosses me out. Again, nothing against JLC or Mark Harmon (God, I think he’s a sexy man).  But seriously, GROSS.

Back on topic—his first wife was a red head and defined every single woman we was with since then.  WHY then- WHYYYYYYYY—EEEEEEEEEEE did they bring in JLC?

It almost makes me not want to watch anymore. But I LOVE it regardless.  And I am loyal.  Cote de Pablo is such a badass.  Michael Weatherly is my movie trivia soulmate.  Sean Murray is my geek brotha from anotha motha. We’d so play WOW together.

Did you know that Sean Murray was in Hocus Pocus?  Yep.  The black cat who was really a boy – that was him.  Keep a look out next time.   Ok, I’m gonna attempt to finish this episode.  It’s quite painful.  **sigh**


**UPDATE**  WORST LINE EVER.  JLC just said “you be careful, I may have to show you what’s behind the curtain.”   OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PUH-LEEZE!!!  Donald Bellasario, we need to talk.  SERIOUSLY.  Call me.

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