29 Apr

Things I’m adjusting to at the moment.

1)   First let me say, I love the small town that we just moved to.  It’s pretty cool—I haven’t lived in a small town since I lived in Tennessee and this one is WAY smaller than any place I have ever lived.  I’m used to bigger towns or even a city, so it’s definitely an adjustment.  With all that said, I really do love our new home … but here are some of the adjustments:

a)    Did you know that in this small town that our mail peeps are not REQUIRED to pick up mail if they don’t have any mail for us?  Even if the flag is up – they won’t pick it up … I bet they won’t even turn their heads to see if a flag is up. Honestly folks.  That’s pretty lame.  Preposterous! — Ding ding! I used it again!

b)   We have a basement.  Never had a basement.  I HATE BASEMENTS (People Under the Stairs anyone????)—but I love our house.  When we moved in we asked if the basement ever gets moist or wet from rains.  The people we bought it from said NO, never had an issue.  However, since we moved in February, every time it rains our basement is as damp as a lakeshore with a big ole puddle that comes with any kind of rain. That blows. Not sure what we can do about it if anything.  I hate basements.

c)    NOBODY has fresh seafood in this town.  That blows.

d)   Bible-belt Land.  ‘Nuff said. (No offense… just takes some getting used to all over again)  Amen.

e)    Since I live on one of the main arteries through my town, I get to hear a lot of the traffic that rolls through. I can officially say that I can’t stand people who take the muffler off their car to make it sound louder.  (It is the muffler right?  WHATEVER it is- I hate it when peeps do that)   I’ve thought it was redneck-douchy in high school, and it is most definitely douchy now.  What the WORST is when those guys who have teeny neon colored sports cars/coups/sedans that have a tacky huge spoiler on the back and it’s some kind of 4 cyl engine and it sounds like this—reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!  9 outta 10 times it’s someone with a matted mullet too. If you’re gonna have a mullet, keep it brushed for Pete’s sake. (See? You agree. I know you do.  Total douchebag)

f)     Why doesn’t Sam’s Club carry Diet Sundrop?  High annoyance with this one.  It went national people.  Get with the program.

g)    ALSO, why doesn’t Kroger carry ANY kind of Sugar Free Kool-Aid.  I can’t find it at the Wal Mart either.  WTF?


All I want is Sugar Free Cherry Kool Aid.







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