American Music Awards 2012 Fashion Review!

20 Nov

I know you’ve been waiting for this.  You knew it was coming.  Here it is… my second fashion review as I sit here in my tank top and stretchy pants with my preggo belly exposed and anklet socks.  I’m the next big thing in fashion… really.

Once again, I was underwhelmed by the fashion at the American Music Awards (even more so at the performances… YIKES!).  It is what it is.  There are good years, there are bad years. This was a HORRIBLE year.


5) Gwen Stefani

I’m a little annoyed by this outfit.  Mostly I’m annoyed because Gwennie is a fashion POWERHOUSE.  I just expect more from her.  She is one of the people I watch for on the red carpet and I feel like this outfit was a last minute decision on her part because she didn’t know what she wanted to do… “All my stuff is at the cleaners… oh! the limo’s almost here. Good thing I have a jacket to wear.”   I don’t know, I’m just annoyed.  But, she’s Gwen Stefani.  She can do whatever she wants.  Thankfully, so can I #5.

4) Heidi Klum

Eh, It’s a nice color choice for her– what is the color?  Vomit sauce?  I like the dress– I really do.  I actually would have preferred a bolder color (dark green, or even a burgundy) with this dress accenting all the beautiful detail.  The one thing that I would have changed is the stupid slit.  I’d like to make a plea directly to Heidi right now:   HEIDI, we get it.  You’re newly single and ready to mingle. You have nice legs and knees.  Quit cutting your beautiful dresses just to get a dude.  Aren’t you already dating your bodyguard fella? See?  You don’t need that slit honey.
3) Ke$ha

I’ll admit it.  I’m not a fan.  BUT, she sometimes makes interesting fashion choices.  What’s with people wearing doily dresses?  Remember Lena Dunham from the Emmy’s? Lace doily on a sad pony?  Yea.  This dress kind of reminds me of that.  Except it looks like a awkward tablecloth (awkward=Ke$ha and tablecloth=the dress).

2)  Jennifer Morrison

I typically like black dresses. They stand out, they are fun to accent.  For me, there are several things wrong with this dress:

1) Needs to be hemmed.  It’s too long for any kind of dramatic effect.
2) In fact, it looks untailored completely.  Even where the fabric is pulled across at her waist.  Its not very flattering.
3)  I actually like the shoulder piece concept, but on this dress it looks a little displaced and bizarre. Jennifer has awesome arms and I would have liked for her to show them off.

I like you Jennifer.  But you are still #2.

1) Ahhhhhh the coveted #1 spot.  That goes to none other than Jordin Sparks.







I only have two people on this portion.
2) Ginnifer Goodwin

Are you intentionally trying to make yourself look like an elf from 1960? Cuz it’s working.

1)  Kerry Washington

You keep on disappointing me.  The hair is better.  But still not up to the FABULOUS hairstyles that you have displayed on Scandal.   Question for you, do you actually think this sunshine moo-moo looks good?




Eh… The Ok dresses.

5)  Jenny McCarthy

I have a love hate relationship with this dress.  It almost went into the WTF file. BUT, somehow, I think she pulls it off.  HOWEVER, I hate her hair.  It’s the same thing that Pink and Miley have been doing lately. Ugly in my opinion.

4) Taylor Swift

Taylor looks nice.  I like her in this dress. It’s a nice switch up from her 1950s housewife dresses.  This is a little more daring and sexier.  I can appreciate her wanting to branch out.  She pulls this off nicely and classy in my opinion.  However, her live performances are less to be desired.

3) Carly Rae Jepson

I don’t like this chick’s music.  But I do think she looks very nicely put together.  I do think she could have used some color on her face a little more… and some singing lessons…

2) Kelly Rowland

I have a real soft spot for Destiny’s Child.  I love all of them… Beyonce, Michelle, Kelly… They are three seriously talented ladies.  Though sometimes they have a hit or miss fashion sense (Bey’s mom designs most of their clothes and they are great in some respects .. and … EEEEESH in others).  However,  here we have Kelly Rowland and she is exquisite in this little ditty.  I love the design, the color and I love her hair.  From head to toe, I love the look.  No improvement needed.

1) Carrie Underwood

Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE pink.  Any shade of pink really.  Throw some sequins on there and I love it even more.  Carrie is a constant red carpet hottie and I love most of her fashion choices.  I especially love her hair.  I want to have her hairstylist.

As an added bonus on this post, here’s a doubletake.  Nicki Minaj is wearing the same dress that Julie Bowen wore to the Emmy’s.  I think the dress looks great on both.  It’s nice to have Nicki look well put together for once.  I don’t like her lipstick choice though.


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