Doughnut Queen!

1 Dec

Doughnut Making Queen!

In my family, it’s not Christmas time without doughnuts.  My dad is the doughnut maestro.  I remember him prepping the dough a couple of days ahead of time.  We used to wake up early on Christmas morning to do our gifts and family time— then– we would help fry and glaze a million batches of Cinnamon Rolls and Doughnuts for our friends family.  I would draw holly leaves and berries on the white gift boxes and my sister would do calligraphy for the boxes with the family’s name on it. All the while trying not to eat every doughnut and cinnamon roll that came off the assembly line.

Well, my dad has decided that after around 30 years of doughnut making, it’s time to pass the torch.  I inherited the coveted kitchen aide stand mixer with dough hook, and the precious doughnut dough recipe.  It’s top secret– NO ONE can have it and you won’t find the recipe here!  We had pals down for this weekend and I decided to try my hand at carrying on the tradition.  I made the dough yesterday and today I woke up early to get started on my cinnamon rolls.

I have to say they turned out DELICIOUS as always and taste just like my Dad’s.  HOORAY!  Now, I can continue this family Christmas tradition for my girls on Christmas morning!


First you gotta roll it out..

photo 1(8)

Then you gotta put some butter and cinnamon on it…

photo 2(8)


Then you gotta roll it up and cut the dough…

photo 3(3)

Then you gotta let ’em rise  in a very low heat oven …

photo 4(4)

Heat the oil!

photo 5(1)

Fry one side to a golden brown…

photo 1(9)

Fry the other side to a golden brown…

photo 2(9)

Glaze while they are still warm..

photo 3(4)

Let ’em drip dry  (and no that is not a bite taken out of the one on the right.. had to make sure they were cooking thoroughly.. ok maybe a small bite hee hee)


And the batch is done!!! Hooray for my first solo round of doughnut making!!!


2 Responses to “Doughnut Queen!”

  1. Kendall Lynch December 1, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    My mouth is watering! They look SO good!

  2. Papa Whitt December 1, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    Some look like road apples

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