2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Review!

31 Jan

WHOA BUDDY!!  The good, the lace and the WONKY! This award season is fun.  I’m not wild about a lot of the styles.  However, there were improvements from recent disappointments AND there was a hard fall from the glamour pedestal from one of our big Oscar Nominees.   Two big things I noticed for the SAG awards: LOTS of Black and White and if you went with color then you REALLY went with a BIG color.  On a side note, what is up with people wearing part solid/part sheer outfits, cut out dimensions on perfectly timeless dresses, and letting the hem be WAY too long .. like “no purpose, doesn’t look like a train and you’re gonna trip on it ” kinda long?



**copyright claim** all photos are courtesy of just about every single entertainment website on the internet.




We’ll start with the MOST IMPROVED.




Kerry Washington

This by far is not on my best dressed list, however, what an admirable try for the SAG awards.  Everything looks well put together compared to your recent tries. I’m especially excited about your sleek hairdo. You look lovely.  Keep it up!


Juliana Marguilies

BRAVO lady!  You look rejuvenated and beautiful.  Thank you for not wearing curtains with pockets.


Gorgeous hairdo as well.  A+!



What is up with all the LACEY looking gowns?



Nicole Kidman

Such a gorgeous creature and she chooses the sheer see-through lace look.  Eesh. I do like the color against your skin tone though.

Nicole Kidman

Mayim Bialik

You know, I’m just gonna say it.  You and I don’t see eye to eye on what looks good.  BUT despite this major difference, I do think you look nice in this frock but the color is ick.

Mayin Blailik

Look at all of these lacey numbers… what do you think? Are you a fan of the lace?

Edie Falco

Edie Falco

Jennifer Garner

She looks like the Oscar Trophy.  I love her.


Melanie Lynskey

WHY do people let the length of dresses look RIDICULOUSLY long?  How do they not trip!?!?!?!?!

Melanie Lynskey

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts




For one reason or another… I have a SOFT SPOT for these gals.

Lea Michele

First off, I love Lea Michele.  Love her voice and respect her talent.   I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE this color.  It’s bright, bold and explosive.  With that said, it’s a little “prommy.” BUT maybe that’s the vibe Lea was going for. I mean, she just graduated from high school in Glee last year… right?  🙂


Julia Stiles

Man, I love Julia Stiles.  I have a soft spot for her. I am not a fan of this grey color for the red carpet, however, I like the cut of the dress and the detail.  It reminds me of paint splatter on a wall. Also, is it just me or does Julia look like a cat in this pic?

Julia Stiles

Sally Field

She’s quite arguably one of the best actresses around.  I love her free spirited look and keeping her style classy and fun.  I also love this color on her.


The Plain Janes.

I can appreciate those who like to keep it simple, especially for the SAG awards.  The SAG awards, to me, seem to be the most relaxed compared to the Golden Globes and Oscars.

Elisabeth Moss

I recently started watching The West Wing and Mad Men.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from this chick.  She looks cute.  Simple. Understated. And Sparkly.  Nice. … and she married Fred Armison and divorced him all within a year.  I wonder what happened there.


Gretchen Mol

OMG.  Have you seen Boardwalk Empire??? I can’t decide if I love her or hate her character.  I guess that means she’s doing a good job, eh?  I think this look works for her.  I liked the green against her skin. I just think this dress itself looks boring and kinda like a bridesmaid dress.  Right right?  IT does!

Gretchen Mol

Jane Krakowski

Ugh.  PEACH?  Seriously?  I like the sparkle (cuz I dig all things that shine), however, peach?  She’s taking her responsibilities for Trop 50 a little too far.  Blagh.  A wash-out.

Jane Krakowski

Tina Fey

Some people love her, some people hate her.  I love her. So smart, so funny.  I also think she has a knack for wearing things that compliment her personality and body.





Taking a risk and WINNING!


Nancy O’Dell

You get the big risk award.  I LOOOOOOOVE this dress.  I think it is SO interesting and it fits like a glove with her figure.  She’s only a tv host and she looks like a super star.  I love the color, train, fit, fabric…. I love the earrings and the hair.  JOB WELL DONE NANCY!

Nancy Odell



Not impressed.  


Claire Danes

First, let me say– I actually like this dress.  I love the black on the  one shoulder draped look and the detail up the slit.  However, for a nominee (and winner), I was hoping for a little more from Claire.  This is just a little… boring for my taste and don’t get me started on your hair.  Congrats on your win though!  Cannot WAIT for next season of Homeland.




Bringing the Wonk.   

Eesh. There are a lot of these wonky frocks.  I don’t know what is up with the choices this season.


Jane Lynch

Bondage anyone? Jane you are such a classy lady.  This look gives me the impression that you are auditioning for the next Conan the Barbarian movie.

Jane Lynch

January Jones

Now now now January.  You and I both know the only person who could possibly pull off this hideous frock and make it look remotely  good is Helena Bonham Carter.  Even then I still wouldn’t like it but at least she would own it like she came out of the womb wearing it.  You’re trying too hard.  C’mon. You’re a pretty girl.  You can do this.


Jenna Elfman

UGH. I **HATE** sheer see through crap.  It leaves little to the imagination and is so tacky (in my humble opinion).  You are such a beautiful gal Jenna!  Why are you wearing something like this?   I like the halter idea but the rest of the dress is HIDEOUS. Sorry.  I do love your new show 1600 Penn.  Fingers crossed they don’t cancel it. You are super duper funny in it.

Jenna Elfman

Julianne Moore

Flower power!  No thanks on the cleavage dip.  Not a good look. At. All.


Michelle Dockery

I’m really trying hard to like Downton Abbey … there are brilliant moments but I am still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.  Eesh.  I do like your character, I just don’t care about you yet.

Michelle DOckery

And I don’t care about your sideboob here either.  The End. Cue music.


Morena Boraccin

I LOVE MORENA.  I don’t love this dress.  It resembles her reptilian side from her cancelled TV show V.  Don’t you think?  Kind of a weird design if you ask me.

Morena Boraccin

Rose Byrne


Rose Byrne

Sigourney Weaver

This actually hurts my heart to write negatively about my dear Sigourney.  She’s Ellen frickin Ripley for crying out loud! Unless she is lighting blowtorches and beating the crap out of some drooling alien in this dress, she might as well be in a paper bag. What’s up with this cut?  When stars look in the mirror with their stylist (or with their BFF), do they get lied to about how they actually look?  You are such a classy, timeless woman … this dress doesn’t do you justice. In fact you would do much better with wearing fig leaves over this dress. On another topic, I CANNNNNNNNOT wait for your summer drama Political Animals to come back.  I adore that show and I adore you.  ❤

Sigourney Weaver



How fast they fall.

Julie Bowen

You’re killing me here lady.  Seriously WHAT IS UP!?!? Are you giving up all together?  This dress is poorly fitted to you knock out bod, the color looks drab, your hair looks like a hot mess and your hemline is too long. The best thing I can say is your face looks gorgeous.  I love the natural look for you with the smokey eyes.


Anne Hathaway

I cannot wait for these sheer fishnet crap dresses to phase out.  Absolutely dreadful!  I am so disappointed right now.  You’re an Oscar nominee … you’re Anne Hathaway!!  WHY WHY WHY???? If the dress was just a little bit shorter and you had ice skates on I would think you were auditioning for a Nancy Kerrigan biopic.  C’mon!!!  I’ll be holding my breath for your Oscar dress… I expect BRILLIANCE from you!




Honorable Mention

Alfre Woodard

Such poise!  Wonderful color!  I love you.  Lets do lunch!  xo

Alfre Woodard

Jessica Lawrence

Very lovely!  I heard you had pneumonia on this night.  Good to see you are on the mend.


There was a little “mishap” with your dress as you walked up to the podium to accept your award (congrats by the way).  Apparently though folks, I’m happy to report that it was just the lining that popped off and it didn’t actually rip.


Jessica Chastain

Great color.  Great fit.  Great hair. Great great great.  (WAYYYYYY better than your Golden Globe gown)

Jessica Chastain



And Ta-Dahhhhhh!  THE BEST DRESSED YA’LL!!!!!

7. Maria Menounos

Doesn’t she look amazing?? Holy smoke!  She is DEFINITELY one of the best dressed so far this award season. Hooray!

Maria Menounos

6. The chick who came with Matthew Morrison

I have no idea who this chick is but I want this dress.  If I was still performing classical music, I would totally wear this dress if I could.  I love the lines and the neckline and the concert black color.


5.  Sofia Vergara

Yea yea yea.  You’re every man’s dream and you annoy me.


But I can’t deny that you rocked it at the SAG awards. Bravo!

4. Amanda Seyfried

This gal is on my radar.  I think she gets better and better with everything that she’s in (and believe me, she’s been in some stinkers).  BUT there’s hope. I see the talent– and she’s fun to watch.  She’s a gorgeous gal too.  I thought this gown was a gorgeous color next to her blonde locks.  I love the fit of the dress around all of her curves.  It just looks lovely.  Gorgeous look!


3.  Idina Menzel

This dress (to me) is delicious.  If I had her body, I would be in this dress in a heartbeat.  It accentuates all the perfect spots.  I love the burst design on the rib of the dress.  My favorite part of this dress?  The straps on the shoulders.  I love the thick band and the dynamic neckline.  Definitely one of my faves.

Idina Menzel

2. Helen Hunt

I LOVE SPARKLE.  I love SILVER. This is a SUPERB choice for an awards show nominee.  I love Helen Hunt.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals



1.  Jamie Alexander

WOW.  This dress is STUNNING. To be honest– to me, this dress is SO cool. It’s daring and is oh so very sexy.  My husband says it needs some chainmail because it’s “costume-y” and would go well when she plays Thor’s sidekick Sif.  This dress reminds him of her character. Alas, this is my list and not his.  I LOVE IT.  And it’s my #1.  So there.

Jamie Alexander

We’re halfway through award season ya’ll!  Next stop…. The Grammys on Feb 10th!!!!!  Can’t wait!


2 Responses to “2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Review!”

  1. Annika February 1, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    You’re missing Helen Hunt on the best dressed!

    • Mad Time Mama February 1, 2013 at 11:00 am #

      Yes! I totally spaced her. Will add her now!! Cuz she definitely was!

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