Madonna inspires my daughter.

12 Apr

I haven’t spoken about how my daughter is totally hip. True, true, she’s six month’s old.. but why should age keep you from being fashion forward? She draws on all sorts of inspiration.  Most recently Madonna. Click on the picture to get a special gun-n-wink from Madge!

My daughter is VERY hot natured.  I can’t blame her. Look who she comes from.  My husband and I are two of the most hot natured peeps around.  My husband quite literally is like a ball of steam—and so is his daughter.  She sweats more than any baby I know.

A lot of times, especially now that it’s warmer, I dress her in sleeveless outfits.  When we go somewhere it’s super easy to throw leg warmers on her arms. Not only do they cover her up she becomes an instant hipster.

Here are some I bought recently:

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