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Babies, Toddlers and their sicknesses.

15 Nov

It’s true.  NOTHING is worse than a sick baby.  So far we are 13 months into my motherhood adventure.  My daughter has had two bad bouts of sicknesses.

The first was a stomach flu (a.k.a. Poop Apocalypse of 2012) and it was pretty bad.  SO sad to watch your babe throw up and then look at you as if you did it to them.  Her symptoms started in the middle of the night when she was around 8 months old. It was the scariest moment so far.  I didn’t know what to do — I literally sat in the nursery and cried with her saying “I don’t know what to do” over and over at 3 in the morning.  I messaged my folks to ask my mom to call me as soon as she woke up.  My husband offered to hold her while I cleaned up her crib. This was a nice gesture but then she threw up on him in our bed.  It was a mess that went every where.  I was a wreck and my poor baby just cried.  Alas, life went on.  After several days of  a sick baby, she got back to herself.  Unfortunately, my husband and I succumbed to the poop apocalypse the very next day. I won’t even continue with the rest of this story.  All I have to say is if I never have to go through that again, I will die a happy lady.

The second and most recent experience in the battle of toddler illnesses (which we are presently on the tail end of), is the croup.  To be honest, THIS SUCKED far worse than the stomach flu. My girl was so miserable and uncomfortable for what seemed like FOREVER.  It started out like a little runny nose and then by the time night fell on the first night, her nose was like a faucet and she was running a fever of 102.8.  (Sidenote: Lucky us, our furnace went out on the first night and it got cold in our house– not too bad the first night, but the second night was freezing.  However, we had prepared in the event we would have any kind of issues from Sandy and got a kerosene heater.  That rocked.  It took two days to get the part and the dude to fix it. We are now cozy with our fixed furnace. However, having this happen at the same time as my baby feeling so poorly was NOT fun.)  Shortly after her fever started,  the congestion started in and she started to cough. After that, she became hoarse, she was wheezing and was so irritable. After 48 hours of no sleep and a baby who was so sick she could barely cry,  she was on her way to recovery. The fever went away, the nose was a runny faucet for  many days after but started to get less and less.   We were told that the cough and congestion would linger a little longer after the other symptoms went away.  The doc was right.  It’s almost a full week after her symptoms first started and her cough remains. I actually started comparing her cough to that of a 50 yr old smoker. lol It was and STILL is awful. For the most part, my babe is getting back to normal.  Nighttime is a little difficult, but other than that she continues to get better and better.  We took her into the doctor, and she gave a prescription for steroids.  That helped with the inflammation in my babe’s throat but that’s all the medicine she received (it’s really all the doc could do for her since it’s a viral infection).  Take note that anytime someone takes steroids (depending on the kind you get) it will suppress your immune system the entire time you are taking it and makes you vulnerable to other illnesses.  Be careful coming in contact with any other peeps who might be sick.

The common theme of remedy for either one of these illnesses, whether it be a stomach bug or the croup, is to hydrate.  Every time I talked to the doctor/nurse, one of the first things they say is get some pedialyte.  I keep it on hand — the drink and popsicles –  in event of future sicknesses.  It sucks dragging your baby out when they are sick ANYWHERE just because you aren’t prepared. I’ve kicked myself several times.  Luckily, I had a wonderful pal go down to the drugstore to get me some during the Poop Apocalypse of 2012 because I was NOT prepared. Some kiddos hate the taste of pedialyte.  My doctor gave me several samples of flavors for my kiddo to try and we found one she liked.  If your kid doesn’t like pedialyte, just make sure he/she drinks lots of fluids or even some of those fruit/fruit pouches.  Lots of hydration in fruit.  I was told if the kid is vomiting to give pedialyte or water… stop milk/formula.  (and boy were they right… eesh… what a mess!)

As soon as the fall season approached, my friends kiddos (myself included) were all getting hit with different kinds of sicknesses.. ’tis the season, right?  From colds to Pink Eye to HFM and the Croup, germs were spreading like wildfires and kids were perfect vessels to carry them.   Some docs say that generally 24 hours after the fever breaks the kid is not contagious anymore.  However, other docs say if the kiddo still has a cough, he/she is still contagious.  Both make sense.  Obviously if you are dripping snot everywhere and coughing up a lung still (like my kid was) regardless of fever, germs are going to spread.  Mamas use your best judgement. After all, you know best! After these two illnesses, I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little paranoid about germs (something I’ve never been paranoid about before becoming a mom). As a rule of thumb for determining when my kid is well, I’ll probably build a buffer of a couple of days after symptoms are gone between my sick kiddo or other sick peeps before normal activity resumes. I don’t want to pass the croup on to ANYONE.  UGH, it’s awful.  This will probably become even increasingly obsessive after my next kiddo arrives in December.  Hooray for germ paranoia!  Here is a great website my Dad sent to me regarding some of the most common toddler illnesses and one about the croup and how to prevent (as much as you can… with toddlers it seems like a hopeless cause!):


Common toddlers illnesses

The Croup

**Disclaimer** What do I know about health/medicine?  Not much of anything.  I only know what I have been told and experienced myself. Always consult a medical professional (that’s not me folks!) when you have an actual medical problem. These are just recent experiences that we had the pleasure of going through. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. It’s a blog…   And hey! It’s my BLOG, I write what I want YO!

10 things I’ve learned in my first year as a Mama

5 Nov

**Disclaimer**  These are just things I’ve learned in my first year with my first born. I’m staring down two more months of being a mom of one kiddo … then I will have two. Having this on the horizon makes me realize more than ever that EVERY baby is different. Some of these suggestions will work for you, some or all may not (Some of my own suggestions may not even work for my second babe, HA!).  I’m a firm believer in doing what works best for you and your family and most importantly your little bundle of love. This list is in no particular order.  Enjoy!


1) Don’t panic.  You will worry about everything and most likely, you will overreact.  It’s all good and it’s a learning process.  Every baby is different.  With that said, I’m a worry wart and have a tendency to freak out a lot. It is what it is folks. I’m a Mama.  Nothing is more important than the welfare of my kiddo and family.

2)  I keep these in my diaper bag at all times:

Binkies (if possible, have the attached clip with it — those are awesome!)
onesies/pants/socks (in case of blowouts and unexplained/strange needs to change the baby for whatever reason)
diapers and wipes (of course)
snack bags for older babies (cheerios, mums, graham crackers, or goldfish)  I prefer graham crackers or mums only because they can hold on to them a lot easier and they don’t waste as many. but every baby’s different.
bottle with pre made formula (at least that was for me.. I breastfed and used formula.  However, by three months I had switched to formula completely.)
a couple of toys
bottle of water

3) When trying the sippy cup, be sure to put something the baby will like in the cup.  I had used water for the longest time and my kiddo wasn’t as into the sippy cup as I was hoping.  I finally switched to watered down apple juice and now milk and she is now using the sippy cup like a champ!  On this note, don’t be surprised if you go through several different kinds of sippy cups.  My gal went through many to find the one that made sense to her and she is a genius!  heh

4) Talk and read a lot to your kiddo.  Get some books with the finger puppets built in.  My kid can’t get enough of them.  LOVES any kind of books, but those are seriously her fave. They pick up tones and inflections so QUICKLY.  Talk and read all the time to them!

5) Keep Pedialyte (either frozen pops/drink or BOTH!) on hand at all times.  It has a great shelf life and will keep for a while if unopened.  Most of the time if the baby gets sick, the first thing the doc will ask is if the baby has a fever.  The second thing regardless of fever or not will most likely say “give him/her pedialyte.”  Some babies will have a hard time taking it.  Truth be told it tastes like dirt, but better to have than not. I usually just put it in a bottle and continuously attempt to give it to her. Eventually she will get enough after sips and sips and sips.  Stock up now because it will SUCK to have to take your sick baby out and about just to get some pedialyte.

6) Schedules are a great thing.  This is the one thing that I believe is good for every baby.  Let the baby set his/her own schedule, but try to stick with it.  Yes, every schedule is subject to change multiple times as they get older.  However, the more you stick to a schedule, I believe the better off the kiddo will be…. not to mention the parents as well!  From feeding time/snack time, bottle times, nap times, bed time … schedules rock. We are a very schedule dependent family. At least with our first kiddo, she does very well with a schedule. We’ll see about the second… duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

7) Some parents are into co-sleeping with their babes, some parents are into keeping the kiddos crib in the same room as theirs, and some put their babes in the crib in the baby’s own room from the first night they go home from the hospital.  Gotta do what’s good for you and your baby.. have I said that enough? Personally, I had a bassinet beside my bed for the first four months.  Then, I moved the baby over to her own room in her very own crib.  YES.  The first night I did it I checked on her every hour on the dot and it scared me to death to be more than a foot away from my kid during the night.  However, my babe sleeps great (She’s really a freak of nature.  She appreciates sleep).  I sleep great.  For us, it’s best that we both have our own space and that makes life good.  I hope to ship my next kid off to her own crib as soon as I can.

8)  I keep a couple of blankets in the back of my car as a padding for a makeshift changing table.  I probably use the back of my car more than I use my pack n play changing table or nursery.  I swear riding in the car really helps her bodily functions.  HA!  Also it is good to have blankets on hand — no telling what they might come in handy for.

9) Immunizations.  I don’t do any alternate schedule etc, though I have pals that do (again, do what you feel is best..I know I’m beating a dead horse..).  However, I found that getting my doc to administer tylenol prior to the actual shots helped make the rest of the day go smoother for my babe. She never had any issues with any immunizations.  Her legs were tender, but she never had any reactions.

10) Breastfeeding. Ah yes, breastfeeding.  I never knew how scrutinized one action could be until the subject of breastfeeding came up. Holy cow people.  There are ridiculous amounts of commercials about breastfeeding in this area where I live too. They kind of shove it down our throats here. Kind of like the political commercials at the moment. I don’t like ANYTHING forced upon me.  Bah.  I chose (key term here..chose) to breastfeed.  Honestly, I got annoyed with it after the third month. Yea, it was a bonding moment for me and my babe at first and I was proud I was able to do it. Soon it became an annoyance. I wasn’t producing enough, my kid was grumpy because she was hungry and we kept giving thrush back and forth to each other and I had a painful bout of mastitis. It was hard and I was fed up with it. I can appreciate anyone who decides to breastfeed for however long you see fit– it is great for the kiddo. However, I’ve seen some hateful words spoken in regards to people who give up breastfeeding (to me specifically and others) and those who decide not to breastfeed at all.  Do what’s best for you. Don’t listen to any breastfeeding mafia yahoos or formula mafia pushers who judge you for the decisions you make.  You’re the Mama.  You make the decisions. Good for you if you can and good for you if you decide not to.  Either way, your kid is going to be fine.  Just because you do or don’t breastfeed doesn’t mean the kid is going to turn into a troll afterwards.  Seriously.  I mean it. Your kid will be JUST fine whichever route you take.  And YOU will be happy knowing you made the best decision for your family.

So, what’s the moral of this post?  Mamas, do what you feel is best.  This is only the beginning of a lifetime of decisions you will make…. scary? fun? It’s all a part of the adventure.

Inspired this early morning. Play nice folks!

7 Sep

Disclaimer:  I’m writing this completely off-the-cuff.  Forgive me if I’m rambling.  I got inspired after waking up super early this morning.. perhaps I should wake up early every morning (yea right!).

Now that the DNC is over and we have seen both parties points of view, it’s no secret that this election is one of the most important elections our country has ever seen.  As I sit here with my daughter while she eats her breakfast, I am watching the news from the coverage of the DNC last night.  Spending time with her while watching the news makes me think about how I want to raise her and of course being uneasy about her future with either of the potential main candidates.

One thing that bothers me about this election in general is the hateful tone that comes out across the party lines.  We have freedom of speech and we certainly see it exercised in this election. The tone however is so discouraging.  I want my daughter to grow up being able to speak her mind, stand up for what she believes in (whether I agree with her or not) and be able to debate without being degrading.

My husband is so wonderful to discuss politics with.  He is definitely concrete in his beliefs, but that doesn’t stop him from being understanding and being able to discuss situations.  There’s a reason why he was so good on the debate team.  The difference between him and the folks we see on the tv screen, is that he is respectful, delivers his point and most importantly– LISTENS.

I’m thankful because my parents who have some differing opinions about select issues have appreciated my points of view without attempting to persuade me to think “their way.”  We debate and sometimes it can get heated (I can revert to being my 14 year old self after all.. HA!), but when I tell them we have to agree to disagree, they don’t push their views on me.  In fact, they are proud of me for my own mind and voice.

My very best friend in the whole wide world — someone who I have known since I was 4 years old has different views than I do.  She said to me just the other day “I want to be able to talk about this stuff with you.  I’m not here to persuade you- you have your own mind.”  She’s one of the most even minded folks I know and always gives people the benefit of the doubt and can see BOTH sides of every situation (even when I can’t).

These are the people I want my daughter to be like.  Certainly not the folks tossing hateful comebacks, and cheap shots because their view is different from others.  Sure it’s hard to keep emotions out, but take a cue from the British motto, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

By chance, I happened across an interview this morning by Will.I.AM (for you old timers, he’s a HipHop musician).  Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of his. Sure, I’ll listen to his jams on the radio– but not a huge fan.  He’s known for penning a tune for Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Recently the RNC used “I’ve Got a Feeling” and he was asked if it bothered him. His response was (and I’m paraphrasing– I’m so on the ball this morning the transcripts and video of his interview are not even up yet), “Why? They are just trying to do what they think is right.  I’m friends with Republicans. I have fans that are Republican.  We are all trying to do what we think is right whether we are Democrat or Republican.”  I thought that was one of the best inspiring brief interviews during this whole election so far.

Play nice people (I’m talking to you Facebook people who just spit out word vomit to get a point across!).  Be proud of this country.  I was proud of America long before this election, and I’ll continue to be proud of America regardless of who wins the Oval Office this November. We are after all attempting to make America even greater, even if the views are different. If we work together we can accomplish ANYTHING.  (Cheesy and cliche, right?  BUT OH SO TRUE FOLKS)



Have a great day ya’ll.  In the words of one of my buddies in Washington state, “Go out and spread peace and love!”

I gots a bay-bay brewin’!

20 Jun

So we’re having another baby.  I’m totally stoked right now.  Jbird (husband) and I wanted to have another and have them close in age.  Mads (1st daughter) will be 15 months when this next one is born.   Jbird thinks it’s a girl. I’d be happy either way with a boy or a girl– we have PLENTY of baby girl clothes so that would be convenient.  And if we have a boy, he’ll still be stuck with Mads old clothes.  There’s nothing wrong with that… right right?

I’m even more excited because I am going to have a scheduled c-section.  HELL YES!  WOO HOO!! Hallelujah!! Yay for me!

Morning sickness sucks.  When I was pregnant with Mads, it was the most amazing experience and very enjoyable.  I LOVED being pregnant.  Right now, with this pregnancy, I live in a constant state of seasickness.  I have ALL day sickness.  I feel more like I have a 24 hour flu bug 7 days a week and look like Night of the Living Dead rather than being “OMG I’m PREGGO! I have a glow.”  Yea, that glow is more of a green hue around my cheeks right before my mouth starts to water uncontrollably with saliva (ya feel me?? I hate uncontrollable saliva…) before I hurl into the nearest receptacle.  TMI?  Oh wells.

I recently watched an episode of Pregnant in Heels.  There was this mom that feels like she is in a rut.  She has 2 kids with another on the way.  She used to be an actor in NY and enjoy going out, wearing designer clothes and getting dressed up. Present day, she takes a shower every four days and rarely changes out of her sweats. I can relate.   Now, I take a shower every day… well, most of the time.  Sometimes I skip a shower on Sundays.  So don’t come over to my house on Sundays.  It’s not pretty.   For the most part, I felt her pain and I am staring down literally six more months before I have another little one attached to my hip (or boob rather) 24/7.  I rarely get dressed up and there are some weeks where I don’t even get in my car but once.. and that’s to go to the grocery store.  Hooray! Ya know what though?  I am SO excited to be a stay at home mom. You can’t beat it. It’s the best.  Seriously.  Just the other day my kid started saying Da-Da.  Then she started crawling.  Then she started saying Na-Na.  Now she is saying HA! Just today she greeted me by sitting up in her crib when she woke up. She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t chirping.. just sitting in her crib like a big girl.  Then just a few minutes ago, she started sticking her tongue back at me. These are the moments I want to be here for.  No regrets what-so-e-vah!

C-Section + Mama = AWESOME birth

25 May

I feel like sharing my the story about the birth of my beautiful daughter Maddy.  She’s pretty stinkin’ cool and I’m quite convinced she is a genius.

We went into the hospital on Sunday morning Oct. 2nd, 2011 at midnight.  I was being induced — and I thought I would go in, get some pitocin and pop the kid out– right?  Wrong. They had to efface me- which was (for me) the WORST part of the whole experience.  They started effacing me at 3:30 am on Sunday Oct. 2nd.  The first round of drugs took 12 hours to complete.  At 3:30 pm, I still wasn’t effaced, so they did another round that took four hours a pop.  I needed two more rounds of this.  During the effacing process,  contractions were triggered– painful and annoying.. man very painful and annoying.  Super uncomfortable.  Approximately at 1 am on Oct. 3rd, they decided to start the pitocin. (I also got an epidural! Hallelujah!) They said I should dilate to 6 cms in 6 hours. When they started the pitocin, I started my vomiting regime.. man.. I probably lost about 10 pounds in the time I started and stopped the pitocin.  Nasty reaction. By 8 am, I had only dilated to 3 cm — my cervix had stalled.  Also at this time they noticed that when I had a contraction, Maddy’s heartbeat would go down.  This was of concern so they opted for a C-Section.  (It’s funny because when a woman is laboring, time goes by SO slow, painful and boring and it’s hard to get the nurses to do much if anything for you– mostly they can’t do anything anyways .. but when they call for a c-section, EVERYONE hops. That was neat to see.. I felt like I was on my own episode of Grey’s Anatomy or something).  Oh a complete side note– the Labor and Delivery beds were SUPER DUPER uncomfortable — like laying on a metal surgery table.. but the recovery beds were AWESOME, FLUFFY and COZY.  On another complete side note, and this is NO joke … the underwear they give you in the hospital .. the mesh granny panties are THE MOST comfortable pairs of underwear I’ve ever put on in my life.  Super comfy.

Anyways, they prepped the OR and the husband got scrubbed up in greens.   They finally wheeled me down to the room and I had to maneuver (with worthless fish legs do to the epidural)) over to this table that resembled a lethal injection death chamber table with arm wings and they made J stay outside until they were ready to start.  I swear it was the smallest/thinnest table EVER.  I actually told the attending assistant surgeon that there was NO way that my fat ass was going to fit on that table– and I surely wouldn’t be able to get over there by myself.  They (the assistant and some nurses) helped me over.  That kind of annoyed me because they didn’t offer to help me in the first place– but oh well.  That was the only real negative about this experience.  They put the curtain up and I got the major anthesia— I couldn’t feel myself breathe and that almost made me panic. They warned me about that and it was true.  I felt a small tug, but that was it. (Yay for no pain!)

The doc then called J in and he sat at my left shoulder.  They began working on getting Maddy out and all of a sudden I had to vomit again.  J had to hold my head up and help me with the bag — I was thinking to myself “REALLY!?!?!? RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!? RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT!?!?!?”  That got old real quick. Then all of a sudden, the doc said — “get ready daddy!”  Then we heard a cry in the room.  For a second I thought to myself “Who’s baby is that?!?!” — I was kind of out of it between the meds and the whole process. Then I realized it was MY baby (Born at 10:42 am Monday Oct. 3rd– 7 llbs 11 oz and 20 3/4 inches long).  J leaned down and said “she has a full head of dark hair!” J went over and got to watch them clean her up and get swaddled.  They then brought her over to me and I got to see my girl.  Man it was great.  So many different emotions .. I did cry and part of it was from panic because I was so emotional and I couldn’t feel my lungs.  I think part of it was panic thinking was going to die (HA!).  That was a weird feeling… not being able to feel your lungs.

Anyways, after they got me fixed up they wheeled me back into our room (I was partly expecting a nurse or nurses to be in the room surrounding her but it was quite the opposite) and the first thing I saw was J holding Maddy in our room– and they were the only ones in there.  It was so special– so sweet.  After I got situated back into the recovery room, J brought maddy over to me.  Nothing compares to holding your kiddo for the first time– nothing.  Amazing experience.

The pic above was taken after we got back to the room.  Ignore my big nose but admire my eyebrows.  Don’t they look great? 

The bay-bay is pretty cute too. hee hee!

Before I had Maddy, I was totally thinking “perhaps I can do this naturally without meds.”    I even studied a little bit of the “hypno-birth” technique from a pal.  However, when the threat of great pain and the “not knowing” factor comes out, you learn lots of things about yourself.  One thing rang true as time drew closer to go to the hospital.  That one thing was that I had NO desire to push anything out of my vagina.  Hell no.  Squeezing out a baby is NOT a rite of passage for me.  Actually being able to hold my baby and being a mom?  YES.  That is a rite of passage.  But pushing out a large watermelon out of my va-jay-jay was not.

I have a lot of pals who are naturalists when it comes to giving birth.  No meds, all push, you get it, right?  I cannot begin to applaud and say how  much I respect those women enough.  I don’t think I could do it though I realize that that if I had to, I would have no choice. But still, to think that a gazillion women before me have done this naturally since the beginning of time …. ack!  I don’t wanna!  I have three fears in life:  3) Tornadoes  2) Sharks 1) Child Birth.  See?  Natural child birth and me just wouldn’t get along.

I read a lot of posts and articles talking about how c-sections are viewed negatively.  Personally, I am THANKFUL and HAPPY that I had a C-Section. My doctors were great and the hospital was very nice.  It’s funny, when I walked into the hospital I told the doc on call, “Look doc, first sign of trouble, wheel me into C-Section, mm’kk?  In fact if you wanna go ahead and sign me up for c-section, I’m cool with that.”  The doc of course said, “wait and see– we have a long way to go before we can make that decision.”  Luckily, it worked out in my favor.  I’m excited because when I have my next kiddo, I’ll most likely be guaranteed a one way ticket to c-section.. Hopefully, no VBAC (vag birth after c-section) for me!  Hoo-ray!

Whichever way you sway on the birthing scenario, good for you.  I’m super stoked about mine. Plus, I got one heckuva kiddo outta the deal. 🙂

Gestational Diabetes: Don’t let GD take the fun out of your pregnancy!

3 May

I know I have said this before, but I absolutely LOVED being pregnant with my first kiddo. It was a fun ride and eye opening experience in every way. I loved every bit of it. I’ve had a lot of peeps say “You had so many issues during your pregnancy, how can you say you loved it?” To that I say, not really. The problems I had were pretty common and easy to deal with. How did I cope? Cuz being pregnant is AWESOME, that’s how.


I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in my second trimester with Maddy (my first bay-bay). When I first found out I thought to myself “CRAP. I’m going to be pregnant, fighting all kind of weirdo cravings and be restricted to cardboard tasting muck and green beans and English Peas (My arch nemesis). BLAGH!

Well, that’s not true. When I was first diagnosed, my doc sent me to the local diabetes learning center. There was this lady there who was our instructor and (**Bless her heart….) she annoyed the shniz out of me. Seriously. I could not STAND the way she taught us about “CAAR-BOHW-HIGH-DRATES” (said in a WEIRD YANKEE ACCENT MIXED WITH A SARAH PALIN TWANG) She said it just like that. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This is what she would say:

“See, this is 15 CAAR-BOHW-HIGH-DRATES, so that is counted as 1 CAAR-BOHW-HIGH-DRATE in the meal plan.”

I was so annoyed. To this day every time I read the word carbohydrates I actually say it like her in my head. Which annoys me even more.

** It’s a southern thing. You can say “Bless her/his heart” before any insult and get away with it. Hee hee.

Reading and studying up on the pregnancy induced disease was helpful. I found a lot of staples that worked for my everyday life—I’ll put a list together at the bottom.

I actually lost about 20 lbs while pregnant. I didn’t gain anything. Granted I was already overweight to begin with, but to be preggo and not gain anything?.. I was impressed with myself. My high risk doc was super impressed- even went as far to say that I am the best patient he’s ever had . HOO-RAH!!!

Here is the meal plan I was given.

Meal Plan

15 carbohydates = 1 carb

Take blood sugar at fasting state when I first wake up. between 60-90
2 carbs/1 protein — Breakfast
Take blood sugar 2 hours after first bite between below 120
1 carb/1 protein – snack (mid morning)
3 carbs/3 protein (and of course any veggies I want)

Take blood sugar 2 hours after first bite below 120
1 carb/1 protein – snack (mid afternoon)
4 carbs/4 protein (and of course any veggies I want)
Take blood sugar 2 hours after first bite below 120
1 carb/1 protein – snack (bedtime)

Keep in mind that just because something is SUGAR FREE (i.e. Sugar Free Chocolate) doesn’t mean that it’s better for you. A lot of times when food is sugar free it still is higher in carbohydrates (than regular sugared items) and takes longer for your body to break it down (I’m not a doctor, but this is what the diabetes learning center said). Sometimes you are better just going with regular, sugar sweetened items. Obviously too much is bad, but I would just become a strict label reader so you know exactly how many carbs are going into your body—compare side by side.


Typically, there are two different medications that are given to gestational diabetics. These are also used to treat Type 2 Diabetics.

Glyburide —

Metformin —

Only towards the end did I have to take either one of those two medicines. I didn’t take either for very long.

My staples for snacks and meals:

Granola Thins. These come in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter. They are less than 15 grams of Carbohydrates each. Perfect snack.

String Cheese. These are good any time.

Sugar Free Kool Aid. For those of us who have soda addiction, this was a great alternative for me. No caffeine. No sugar.

Mixed Nuts. ‘Nuff said.

BIG ASS SALADS with Italian Dressing. Yum. You can fill up on SO much with your salads. Highly recommended.

Sandwich Rounds — These are the perfect size for lunch. Just enough bread.

Peanut Butter (if you aren’t allergic!)


If you get diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, it’s really not the end of the world. Keep in mind that GD peeps have a higher risk of becoming Type 2 Diabetics later in life. So we must be diligent in keeping our food, exercise and cravings in check during pregnancy and after delivery. Find what works for you and enjoy your pregnancy people!

Look Ma! I’m an Artist!

21 Apr

I absolutely loved my pregnancy.  LOVED it.  I know this sounds crazy (most women would tell you “OMG I was miserable – I couldn’t wait for it to be over etc”   and at times I was uncomfortable, but for the most part I was lucky because it was great), but I had such a FUN time being pregnant.  My little girl was super active and kicked SO much.  I tell everyone I would have gotten pregnant again the day I gave birth if I could have.  I know every pregnancy is different, but my experiences the first time around have made me want to have another.  My little girl was my first baby and she is about the best baby anyone could ask for. Babies are so addictive. With all that said, my next child will be Lucifer, NO DOUBT.  I’m preparing myself now.

Now, one thing that pretty much everyone knows about me is that pink and glitter go together like PB&J for me. When I found out I was having a little girl I was SO excited to buy ALL the things for the nursery that I always wanted for my own room.  Pink, glitter, sequins, pink fur rugs and boas… all of it.

Around my 7 ½ month of pregnancy, my doctor ordered that I stay home as much as possible to reduce stress and bring my blood pressure down.  It was the most AWESOME last month of pregnancy EVER.  (I know this was my first pregnancy.. but seriously, I had SO much fun)  The doctor told me that I should relax, no kids to be responsible for, watch movies, hang out with the dogs, snooze with the dogs, hang out with the husband, go get pedicures (eesh…. More on that later…), read my People magazines, sleep in, go to sleep early, drink coffee on the deck, drink coffee at Starbucks (my drink of choice:  Grande Java Chip Light Frap with whip, no drizzle thank you) … you get the picture.

All during these leisurely activities, I got a little restless.  We were renting a house in Washington state.  I didn’t want to paint the nursery because I am WAY lazy and was NOT going to want to paint it back to white should we move (which we did two months after bay-bay was born).  SO, I drew pictures with sharpie markers, highlighters, crayola markers and glitter glue. on some canvases to hang in the nursery.  I’m not a great artist but these are special—just for my little girl. These were the finished products (Though it looks like different shades of pink, the checkered pattern is all the same shade in real life…. also you’re eyes aren’t going wonky, several of the pics totally suck …. the camera pictures suck and are blurry, not the paintings… hee hee):


Internet Parenting Handbooks

18 Apr

I guess you could say that I am pretty easy going as a new parent.  I like to think I am. Maybe I’m not—but for my blog right now, I am. 🙂   One thing I am not is a researcher.  The best person for me to receive advice/knowledge from (in my humble opinion) is my pediatrician.

I may from time to time see if something is poisonous to give to my bay-bay, but that’s about it. I come from a very long line of worry warts.  FOR ME, if I start to read about something, I’ll get obsessive over it and worry more about other stuff rather than about my bay-bay  and be in the moment.  That worry wart gene is deeply rooted and surfaces from time to time.

The one rule that I have been living by since my kiddo was born is:  Don’t believe what YAHOOs say on the internet and read TOO much into any topic.

Along these lines, a dear pal of mine sent me this link and I about pee’d my pants.  You have got to read this.  WARNING FOR ANY PRUDES READING THIS (I say PRUDES with love.. I can be a prude.. just not tonight!) 🙂  It contains the F-word … more than a couple of times.  BUT seriously, it’s way worth it. SO FUNNY and SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO true.  You know the speech General Patton gives at the beginning of the movie “Patton”? My dad used to listen to that speech right before he’d take a test in Vet School.  Similarly, I WISH someone would have read this to me before I gave birth to my baby girl. What a pep talk! HA!  Click below!

Bay-bay goulash time!

18 Apr

I went for my evening walk as I always do and started to think about what the bay-bay was gonna have for dinner tonight.  I was toying with making some chicken sometime soon. Maybe make some oatmeal with some fruit.  We’ll see.

My bay-bay is to that stage where she grabs absolutely anything and everything.  She would completely cover her whole body in her baby food if she could.  She is FASCINATED by all food.

She’s trying all sorts of meats right now:  beef, turkey, chicken and ham.  All have been a hit.  I make her a little Gerber (GASP!) casserole of a meat and a veggie every time and she gobbles it right up (or wears it on top of her head… either/or hee hee).  Sure the premade baby meat smells like cat food, but so what?  Broccoli and Asparagus smells like farts but people still eat them and even like it (Face it—you people eat food that smells like farts! hahahahahaha!!). I don’t. Honestly, I’d rather eat cat food!

See?  She loves it!

Bay-bay is also eating the little Gerber puffs—awesome stuff.   She LOVES those.  She gets so excited to pick them up and put them in her mouth.  Seriously, my kid is a genius.  So advanced. So perfect.  Hee hee! I’m a proud mom!

Here are the Gerber Puffs:

I’m gonna venture into making some chicken and tenderloin sometime soon.  Should you want to get into the baby food makin’ industry, here is a great website that my pal told me about:

You may take their swaddle, but you will never take ….their freedom!!!

14 Apr

Most babies when they are born, prefer to be swaddled to mimic the feeling of being in the womb. At some point, all babies grow up. Mine is no different.

My daughter started sleeping through the night at two weeks old. (gasp from my imaginary audience) Some will tell you “if your newborn is sleeping through the night at two weeks old, there is something wrong. You need to wake her up every 2 -3 hours to eat.” Well, when I told that to my Mama, she was like… “What? Don’t EVER wake a sleeping baby. She will tell you when she is hungry!” So, what did I do? I just let her sleep and indeed, my baby girl told EXACTLY when she was ready to dine.

My daughter was the swaddle queen. Any time she was going to nap or go to sleep, I swaddled her and she went on into REM. From the time she was born, I used a sleep sack called the Wombie. It basically a swaddle sack with a zipper. Super convenient and the bay-bay couldn’t break the swaddle. When she decided she didn’t want to be swaddled anymore, I just knew my time was up with having her sleep through the night. I didn’t want to keep her in the Wombie because she was on the verge of self-discovery with a new trick.. she was about to learn how to flip from her back to her belly. Once she was able to do that, I knew I’d have to quit having her in the Wombie anyways for safety purposes.

I started to do some research to see if there were alternatives to the Wombie. Then, I found ZIPADEE-ZIP! This was a super comfy “star” design where they are in a sleep sack but have their arms free to where they can push them selves back over, or sleep on their side .. basically, they can do whatever they want. So, I ordered one for 6-12 mos and then one for 12-24 mos. The bay-bay loves it and still sleeps through the night. HALLELUJAH! See how a super cool it is?

Anyways, thanks to Stephanie Parker for making an awesome alternative to the Wombie and swaddle. We love it and highly recommend anyone to use it!

Check them out at!