Zombie Apocalypse of 2012

4 Jul

Today is Independence Day for the United States of America.  Greatest country in the world. Happy Fourth!

On Friday June 29th, we had a a massive line of Thunderstorms come through.  We had friends coming over and some arriving to visit for the weekend and just as they got here, all hell broke loose outside and then the Zombie Apocalypse began. For some reason, when any type of crisis happen here, everyone feels the need to have a yard sale the next day.  All along my street people were throwing all their stuff outside hoping for some lucky person to buy it.  Granted there was nothing else to do except be miserable in the heat. But still, yard sales people?  So quirky.

The wind was reportedly up to 80 mph at times and they are now calling this a “Land Hurricane”  or derecho.  Here’s a link to an article about this type of storm:


This storm knocked out power to our whole little town.  Shut the whole town down for the weekend turning our whole town into a ghost town.   Thankfully, we were able to grill a shitload of meat and then have a candlelight dinner with good friends.  The storm itself literally only lasted for no more than 30 minutes with a the damaging winds. We lost siding off our house,  flag poles across the street fell,  huge trees fell on streets and houses (this was two blocks down)

trampolines landed in power lines.  Insane. For a storm that didn’t produce a tornado in our little town, that was the most insane wind storm I’ve ever witnessed.  I’ve even lived in Texas and Tennessee!!! AND I lived in Tri Cities, Washington ….. they should actually rename that town the Windy City!  Ohio, that was impressive — But I’m sick of it, so cut it out with the storms.

It was so hot in our house after the storm, it was hard for the bay-bay to get comfy.  She finally fell asleep at midnight on Friday night.  Bah.  Thankfully our pals let us come up to their house the next day where there was no storm and we got AC for the night.

Mads thought the whole adventure was fun… after we got the hell out of town and back into the land of AC!

(Yea she rocks the highwaisted pantstyle.  Cute eh?  Or creepy?  You decide. YOU BETTER SAY CUTE.)

Electricity came back on around 8 pm on Saturday here at our house.  We were so thankful to come back to electricity.  Thank the lord for AC!

Here are a couple of pictures sent in by viewers in my area– I got off of our local news site:

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