I gots a bay-bay brewin’!

20 Jun

So we’re having another baby.  I’m totally stoked right now.  Jbird (husband) and I wanted to have another and have them close in age.  Mads (1st daughter) will be 15 months when this next one is born.   Jbird thinks it’s a girl. I’d be happy either way with a boy or a girl– we have PLENTY of baby girl clothes so that would be convenient.  And if we have a boy, he’ll still be stuck with Mads old clothes.  There’s nothing wrong with that… right right?

I’m even more excited because I am going to have a scheduled c-section.  HELL YES!  WOO HOO!! Hallelujah!! Yay for me!

Morning sickness sucks.  When I was pregnant with Mads, it was the most amazing experience and very enjoyable.  I LOVED being pregnant.  Right now, with this pregnancy, I live in a constant state of seasickness.  I have ALL day sickness.  I feel more like I have a 24 hour flu bug 7 days a week and look like Night of the Living Dead rather than being “OMG I’m PREGGO! I have a glow.”  Yea, that glow is more of a green hue around my cheeks right before my mouth starts to water uncontrollably with saliva (ya feel me?? I hate uncontrollable saliva…) before I hurl into the nearest receptacle.  TMI?  Oh wells.

I recently watched an episode of Pregnant in Heels.  There was this mom that feels like she is in a rut.  She has 2 kids with another on the way.  She used to be an actor in NY and enjoy going out, wearing designer clothes and getting dressed up. Present day, she takes a shower every four days and rarely changes out of her sweats. I can relate.   Now, I take a shower every day… well, most of the time.  Sometimes I skip a shower on Sundays.  So don’t come over to my house on Sundays.  It’s not pretty.   For the most part, I felt her pain and I am staring down literally six more months before I have another little one attached to my hip (or boob rather) 24/7.  I rarely get dressed up and there are some weeks where I don’t even get in my car but once.. and that’s to go to the grocery store.  Hooray! Ya know what though?  I am SO excited to be a stay at home mom. You can’t beat it. It’s the best.  Seriously.  Just the other day my kid started saying Da-Da.  Then she started crawling.  Then she started saying Na-Na.  Now she is saying HA! Just today she greeted me by sitting up in her crib when she woke up. She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t chirping.. just sitting in her crib like a big girl.  Then just a few minutes ago, she started sticking her tongue back at me. These are the moments I want to be here for.  No regrets what-so-e-vah!

4 Responses to “I gots a bay-bay brewin’!”

  1. Ali Cole June 20, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    Allye!! I had awful morning sickness with Ginny for the whole first trimester. Have you tried Preggo pops? My thing was lemon. I could keep down anything lemon-flavored, supposedly citrus is a natural remedy. I lived on McDonald’s frozen lemonades. I totally feel ya when it comes to the showering and getting out thing…I am lucky I’m singing for those two bands, otherwise I’d never leave the house except on my three days I work! Keeping you guys in my thoughts =)
    ~The “other” Ali

    • Mad Time Mama June 20, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

      I’m just turning over from the first trimester. I am hoping all of this subsides. I do have some pops and they work wonders for SURE!!!! I am so excited that you are singing SO much!!! You better get some video up!!! Cannot wait to hear your beautiful voice!!! Does Jason ever hop up there with you?? I know you are fabulous! 🙂

  2. Pamela Bailey June 20, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    Love love love your writings. I swear, Maddie is the CUTEST kid! I hope you have a boy,,,,,she will be a great big sister no matter what though. Keep rocking!

    • Mad Time Mama June 21, 2012 at 8:12 am #

      Thank you so much Pam!!!!!! She is pretty darn cute. I’m having the best time with her. I am so happy for you and your recent nuptials!!! Wish you all the happiness in the world! 🙂

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