Internet Parenting Handbooks

18 Apr

I guess you could say that I am pretty easy going as a new parent.  I like to think I am. Maybe I’m not—but for my blog right now, I am. 🙂   One thing I am not is a researcher.  The best person for me to receive advice/knowledge from (in my humble opinion) is my pediatrician.

I may from time to time see if something is poisonous to give to my bay-bay, but that’s about it. I come from a very long line of worry warts.  FOR ME, if I start to read about something, I’ll get obsessive over it and worry more about other stuff rather than about my bay-bay  and be in the moment.  That worry wart gene is deeply rooted and surfaces from time to time.

The one rule that I have been living by since my kiddo was born is:  Don’t believe what YAHOOs say on the internet and read TOO much into any topic.

Along these lines, a dear pal of mine sent me this link and I about pee’d my pants.  You have got to read this.  WARNING FOR ANY PRUDES READING THIS (I say PRUDES with love.. I can be a prude.. just not tonight!) 🙂  It contains the F-word … more than a couple of times.  BUT seriously, it’s way worth it. SO FUNNY and SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO true.  You know the speech General Patton gives at the beginning of the movie “Patton”? My dad used to listen to that speech right before he’d take a test in Vet School.  Similarly, I WISH someone would have read this to me before I gave birth to my baby girl. What a pep talk! HA!  Click below!

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