Bay-bay goulash time!

18 Apr

I went for my evening walk as I always do and started to think about what the bay-bay was gonna have for dinner tonight.  I was toying with making some chicken sometime soon. Maybe make some oatmeal with some fruit.  We’ll see.

My bay-bay is to that stage where she grabs absolutely anything and everything.  She would completely cover her whole body in her baby food if she could.  She is FASCINATED by all food.

She’s trying all sorts of meats right now:  beef, turkey, chicken and ham.  All have been a hit.  I make her a little Gerber (GASP!) casserole of a meat and a veggie every time and she gobbles it right up (or wears it on top of her head… either/or hee hee).  Sure the premade baby meat smells like cat food, but so what?  Broccoli and Asparagus smells like farts but people still eat them and even like it (Face it—you people eat food that smells like farts! hahahahahaha!!). I don’t. Honestly, I’d rather eat cat food!

See?  She loves it!

Bay-bay is also eating the little Gerber puffs—awesome stuff.   She LOVES those.  She gets so excited to pick them up and put them in her mouth.  Seriously, my kid is a genius.  So advanced. So perfect.  Hee hee! I’m a proud mom!

Here are the Gerber Puffs:

I’m gonna venture into making some chicken and tenderloin sometime soon.  Should you want to get into the baby food makin’ industry, here is a great website that my pal told me about:

2 Responses to “Bay-bay goulash time!”

  1. Tobes April 18, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    I would use an expletive but what the “blank” is wrong with Gerber? I like Gerber…used to have it as a baby food way back when I was the bay bay and it saved me multiple times in college when there was nothing else to eat other the Gerber meat sticks from the pharmacy in vet school….you never know what you will sink to when you are absolutely starving. Also, be advised…there are lot less Fat grams in Gerber meat sticks than Vienna Sausages…. I still buy them(GMS) occasionally today….maybe I need a fix.

    • madtimemama April 18, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

      Absolutely nothing is wrong with Gerber. It’s just a difference in parenting styles across different types of people. There’s just a lot of folk who don’t like Gerber and prefer to be organic, or prefer to make their own food (which I’m gonna try to a little bit of making my own baby food too). I ljust ike to make fun of it all — it’s like Breastfeeding. Did you know that in the span of 30 minutes you will see about 4 commercials for breastfeeding on tv in this area?? This area is insanely crazy into their breastfeeding. I want to say “OK. Breastfeeding is good. I get it. Move on.”

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