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Bay-bay goulash time!

18 Apr

I went for my evening walk as I always do and started to think about what the bay-bay was gonna have for dinner tonight.  I was toying with making some chicken sometime soon. Maybe make some oatmeal with some fruit.  We’ll see.

My bay-bay is to that stage where she grabs absolutely anything and everything.  She would completely cover her whole body in her baby food if she could.  She is FASCINATED by all food.

She’s trying all sorts of meats right now:  beef, turkey, chicken and ham.  All have been a hit.  I make her a little Gerber (GASP!) casserole of a meat and a veggie every time and she gobbles it right up (or wears it on top of her head… either/or hee hee).  Sure the premade baby meat smells like cat food, but so what?  Broccoli and Asparagus smells like farts but people still eat them and even like it (Face it—you people eat food that smells like farts! hahahahahaha!!). I don’t. Honestly, I’d rather eat cat food!

See?  She loves it!

Bay-bay is also eating the little Gerber puffs—awesome stuff.   She LOVES those.  She gets so excited to pick them up and put them in her mouth.  Seriously, my kid is a genius.  So advanced. So perfect.  Hee hee! I’m a proud mom!

Here are the Gerber Puffs: http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Finger-Foods-Strawberry-Banana/dp/B0018MJ2EE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1334721365&sr=8-3

I’m gonna venture into making some chicken and tenderloin sometime soon.  Should you want to get into the baby food makin’ industry, here is a great website that my pal told me about: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/howmuchbabyeat.htm

Being a parent, breastfeeding, Baby Food, and cleaning the house

11 Apr

Now that I have entered into the most scrutinized club in the whole world – parenthood – I’ve come to realize different things.

1) People will say ANYTHING they want to you about how you clothe, feed, and raise your child.

2) Breastfeeding is good.  It’s cheap.  It’s convenient.  It’s also confusing, hard and overwhelming. I decided at 3 months that I was done breastfeeding. (Is it weird that I heard a huge gasp from an imaginary audience?) Before too much judgment is passed from my imaginary audience, here are my justified reasons. I wasn’t producing enough. I was miserable and baby was miserable (and HUNGRY!). Not only that, it’s MY decision to stop and mine alone.  I’m the MOTHER.

This is what got me thinking about this topic. I have a dear sweet friend who I love very much.  We don’t talk often and when we talked several months ago, I mentioned to her that I had just stopped breastfeeding.  Her reaction was “Eesh, stopping at 3 months is a little too soon.”  WHO SAYS!!!! Excuse me? Are you serious???

a)    What did she mean by that comment?

1)   Did she mean that my child is going to be malnourished?

2)   Did she mean that my child is going to most likely get some kind of sickness because she no longer gets antibodies?

3)   Was she saying that I am a bad mother because I felt it was the best thing for both me and the baby but really its not??

i)   If that is the case, then what happens to babies are completely formula fed???

WHAT DOES  HER COMMENT TRULY MEAN!?!?!?!?!   BOTTOM LINE QUESTION:  Why would you say that to a new mother??? When I told my pediatrician that I was going to stop breastfeeding she said “Right on, sista.  Whatever you would like to do.”

I don’t have any problem accepting help or even accepting constructive criticism when I solicit it.  However, here is my piece of advice for all you peeps who want to make comments to me.  The day that I start feeding my daughter drano instead of formula, you can say something.  Otherwise, don’t bother because you will be ignored and eventually forgotten.

3) Baby Food is fun.  I haven’t even made my own food yet—I’m a Gerber mom for now (there goes my imaginary audience gasping in disgust again!) and I’m having a great time feeding my baby.  My baby just recently started grabbing ALL THE TIME. Her new thing is wanting to grab the bowl and put her hands all in her food (which, I admit, I let her do…. Because it’s so fun and I love the joy in her face when she feels the food… clean up is not as fun.)     I’m eventually going to make some food—not all (I’m too lazy – really am and it doesn’t hold my interest right now). I have a very close friend who is totally into making her own food.  It’s been great seeing all the things she’s made.  If I could get out of my lazy mode, I’d totally do it all the time.  We’ll see. Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll have another post some day and may even post recipes for fascinating baby food.

4)            God I hate to clean.  Even more so, I hate to FOLD CLOTHES. I do it all, but man, I HATE IT.  I really hate putting clothes away and hanging them up.  I can’t wait to make it big some day so I can have my own personal maid, clothes folder, and clothes hanger upper.  Things I hate to do that I would have my maid do:

1)   Wash/Fold/Put away clothes

2)   Vacuum/Sweep/Mop all floors

3)    Clean my bathrooms.

4)   Dust all surfaces

Some day, I’ll have my own maid.  Until then, it’s all me. Speaking of, the baby is asleep.  Time for me to get going on my chores. **sigh** Mama’s job is never done. If I’m not slingin’ poop, I’m slingin’ clean clothes.  BAH!